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Our vision is for all children and young people to have access to books that are inclusive of LGBTQIA+ lives, experiences and themes. 


Our mission is to ignite a passion for literature in children, encouraging empathy and understanding through stories about, and by, LGBTQIA+ people and communities. 


Through our enterprise we aim to: 

  • Nurture creative talent in the LGBTQIA+ community;

  • Respect, amplify and celebrate LGBTQIA+ histories and stories;

  • Inspire greater diversity in the world of children’s publishing;

  • Implement sustainable sourcing and production practices to promote responsible book publishing and reduce environmental impact of the industry;

  • Provide professional services to creatives and organisations that ensures their knowledge, content and ethos works towards encouraging representation for marginalised communities;

  • Engage with the community to further educate, eliminate bias and  promote the freedom of expression in story-telling through outreach work and workshops to contribute to a more inclusive and vibrant literary landscape.

Mission Statement

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