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Faerie Press is fully dedicated to creating more opportunities for LGBTQ+ authors, illustrators, and designers throughout Ireland, and beyond!

We want to continue to bring high quality LGBTQ+ stories and representation to children’s literature. Our first anthology 'Hide & Seek' is launching during Belfast Pride 2024, which will feature work by young people across Ireland aged 16-25.

By donating to our Ko-Fi, you can support our mission and enable us to keep publishing excellent LGBTQ+ literature. Most of our staff work on a voluntary basis, so donations go directly towards funding their expenses, paying designers, and printer fees, so we can continue to bring our literature to as many children as possible!

If you have any questions about our funding, or you are financially unable to donate at this time – you can still get involved by contacting us through our website, or via any of our social media platforms!

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