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Faerie Press is an exciting new children's publishing venture on the island of Ireland. We are run by an LGBTQ+ staff to bring inclusive stories and voices to the homes, schools and families of children who want to explore the imagination of story-telling.

We have set out to provide quality and entertaining children’s literature, with a particular focus on creating a platform that enables marginalised and under-represented identities to be heard in a thoughtful, engaging way. 

Initially formed as a collaboration between Pop-Up Projects CIC and Cara-Friend, the Faerie Press project sought to bring together a group of LGBTQ+ people aged 18-25 to learn more about the publishing industry. At Faerie Press, we spent time learning the literary landscape, speaking to people within all aspects of publishing.

This beginning has enabled us to move forwards and establish ourselves as our own, independently organised, community interest company! We are taking our knowledge and passion for literature and channelling it into an organisation that aims to create opportunities for marginalised creatives based in the North and the Republic of Ireland. 

About Faerie Press 

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