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Our team of directors collaborates together to read each piece of submitted work and then we decide collectively which works best for our organisation and values overall. Please never be discouraged if you aren’t selected for publication – your work may not have been right for us at the time, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t love it!

Do you provide feedback on rejected submissions?

Yes. We endeavor to respond to every submission and give feedback via email, time permitting.

All submissions are judged by members of our team here at Faerie Press. We have developed guidelines in order to judge work, based on: excellence, uniqueness, and relevance to our brand.

Who will judge my work?

How do you select the stories and voices that you will publish?

We initially came together in early 2023 as part of a collaboration between Pop Up Projects and Cara-Friend. The aim was to set up an LGBTQ+ children’s publishing company. We spent several months attending talks and training from an array of people throughout the publishing industry. It was incredibly useful for us to get a full picture of what the publishing landscape actually looks like.
We then worked to solidify our company values and goals, and we came up with the initial idea for our first anthology. In 2024, we’re working towards getting the anthology published. From there… who knows? World domination, maybe?

What is the story behind the company? / What is the history of your company?

Where are you based?

The people behind Faerie Press are from all over Northern Ireland! However, we hold most of our meetings and have our base of operations in Belfast.

We’re open to all new experiences. As such a new (and small) company, we’re keen to involve ourselves with every aspect of the publishing and literary world possible. If any literary groups, organisations, brands or publishing houses want to collaborate with us – we’re absolutely open to that!

Are you guys open to working with other companies?

That’s a big question! We hope we can help increase awareness of different LGBTQ+ identities and experiences in Ireland (and beyond)! We’re passionate about providing children’s literature specifically because we want to start conversations with parents and educators at the earliest level, to encourage acceptance in communities from a really young age.

What role do you see your company playing in the broader LGBTQ+ rights movement?

We have a team of 10+ people, all from different LGBTQ+ backgrounds, with a range of age and experience. We’re very collaborative, so together we want to ensure we all agree the work we choose for Faerie Press is something we feel adheres to our values! We also have been lucky enough to speak with people from across the publishing industry, so if we’re unsure about the authenticity or respectfulness of a piece, we ask for outside guidance from established professionals.

What steps will you take to ensure your stories are authentic and respectful?

We all do a bit of everything. To run a publishing company, you need people who can do different things! We have some people who specialise more in marketing and design, and others who work on the contents and grammar of our books. We also have some people who like to do the boring, administrative details like emailing and organising documents!

What kind of things do you do?

Frequently Asked Questions

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